Square Footage Calculator

All *first time* services have a one time $50 cleaning fee added to their base square footage price. This $50 service charge covers extra product and treatment costs, time associated with appropriate treatment of surfaces and product dwell time (extra time needed for a product to work on a particular surface). Rust removal, mold/mildew removal, limescale buildup, grout treatment and treatment of wood floors are the most common and problematic areas in an initial deep cleaning.
Prices listed below do NOT include a $50 one time service charge. Base prices are for maintenance cleans after initial deep cleaning has been finished.

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The square footage estimate calculator should only be used for clients who are booking new or existing services for residential deep cleanings and maintenance cleanings. Customers who are interested in booking service for a move in/move out clean, preparing a house for a showing (custom organization, decluttering, staging) or commercial/office building cleans must call Shine for a customized quote. These are specialty services and each are unique in their structure and service requirements.