Residential Deep Cleanings

Our residential deep cleanings are the cornerstone service we offer to clients. Before any routine cleaning, we bring each of our client’s homes up to Shine’s cleaning standards. This gives us a solid foundation to build upon future maintenance cleanings in your home. Our initial deep cleaning provided to our client tackles any home’s toughest problem areas including but not limited to:

  • Rust on toilet valves and shower rods
  • Mold and mildew removal on faucets, sinks and showers
  • Hard water staining on toilets, chrome fixtures and glass shower doors
  • Hard to reach light fixtures and shelving units
  • All windows and sliding glass doors (tilt out windows included)
  • Treatment of pink lime scale present on grout
  • Trim and baseboard treatments (beneficial for repelling dust)
  • Polishing and sealing of hardwood floors/tile/laminate

Once we have completed your initial deep clean, we do a same day follow-up through email. You’ll receive a customized checklist of what was treated in your home, what we recommend going forward and we discuss the frequency of service you’re interested in moving forward.

Maintenance Cleanings

When your initial deep cleaning has been completed and we confirm the frequency of service that is most suitable for your needs, you’ll be put into our client cleaning rotation based upon your availability and service needs. During this service, you’ll continue to receive:

  • Complete disinfection and sanitization of bathrooms and kitchen
  • Window treatments
  • Dusting and polishing of all furniture in bedrooms and common areas
  • Cleaning of all entry and exit points
  • Disinfection of all high contact points like door handles and light switches
  • Vacuuming and treatment of hardwood floors
  • As needed spot stain removal on carpets
  • Cleaning of mud rooms/all season rooms/light organization

You’ll receive a customized checklist following up on your cleaning services provided for that day. We are sure to note any wear and tear we notice, any add on treatments that were requested and a thorough “check all the boxes” system.

Move In/Move Out Cleanings

Although our primary services consist of deep cleanings and maintenance cleanings, we do offer move in/move out cleanings. These are specifically designed for our clients who have purchased a new home, or are selling/ have sold a well-loved home. Move in/move out cleanings allow our customers peace of mind and offer one less obstacle to overcome during the tense and often pressure-filled real estate process. These services are a complete turn over of a home. Again, we offer Shine’s maximum cleaning standards and no area is left untouched. Most common in a move in/move out clean is:

  • Interior and exterior cleaning of kitchen appliances
  • All areas cleaned that are often inaccessible because of appliance location
  • Mold and mildew removal, treatment of grout and tile
  • Complete rust removal
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing the interior of all drawers, shelving units and closets
  • Washing of walls and removal of scuff marks, dirt and unsightly blemishes
  • Stain removal on carpeting
  • Wood sealant application/laminate floor treatment/tile and grout treatment in high traffic areas
  • Window treatments including all sills, remaining blinds, sliding doors and tracks
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing of high contact points including door knobs and light switches

Our clients who take advantage of this excellent service we offer are guaranteed their security deposit back if renting, peace of mind knowing that all the cleaning is taken care of during a busy time and the ability to move in and move out without ever cleaning a single surface. We specialize in these types of cleans and always look forward to helping out our clients in this area of expertise. We kindly ask that weekends be reserved for move in/move out clients only.

Home Staging Cleans and Organization

Home staging cleans are incredibly similar to the cleaning we do for our initial deep cleaning. During a staging, your solitary goal should be to sell your home at its highest value possible without breaking your budget. Cleaning and decluttering adds instant value to your home. We focus on every inch of space and ask you to declutter and depersonalize your home as best you can prior to any showing. New prospects are more likely to see this space as theirs when there is minimal wear and tear in the home they are viewing. We have found that placing emphasis on cleaning in the kitchen, master bedroom and living areas are most successful for the homes we have staged. Prior to service, we ask that you depersonalize the space as much as possible. Tuck away mementos, place neatly folded clothing in drawers and out of sight. Buyers will be opening your pantry doors and linen closets so we focus on organizing pantry items, spice drawers, cupboards, linen closets and “just right angles” for pillows and throw blankets. Utilizing services for home staging and organization is a great move! If you’re interested in home staging companies that offer services beyond cleaning and organizing (such as furniture additions or designing spaces) check out our list of recommended vendors we love to work with in the local area! Some are even our clients, too! We kindly ask that weekends be reserved for home staging cleans and organizations only.

Commercial and Business

We are happy to offer deep cleanings and maintenance cleanings to local companies and store fronts in the area. As business owners ourselves, we understand the need for personal time, perhaps more so than any other company. We offer fair, competitive rates for office building and commercial cleans and are happy to accommodate your business’ hours by working around your hours of operation. The products we use for our commercial and office cleans while still high end and environmentally friendly, are slightly different. For more information on these types of cleanings and the products we use, check out our Policies and Procedures page or contact us directly for a free estimate today!