About Our Company

Shine Home Cleaning and Organization

As the owner of Shine Home Cleaning and Organization, Lindsay was raised in a small town right outside of Philadelphia. She grew up behind the counter of her parent’s antique store, gently wrapping each customer’s newly found treasures in vintage newspaper bags. Lindsay’s grandparents built a local school that is still in operation today. Family owned businesses were the cornerstone of Lindsay’s childhood. From buying eggs at the local farm to milk at the local dairy, each family, friend and neighbor held their own enterprise and legacy. Big box retailers did not exist. Small business has provided the integrity and pride that is the solid foundation of our company’s earliest beginnings. Passion and perseverance are at the heart of every home that Shine Home Cleaning and Organization services.

Our Commitment to Each Client

We believe that continual change happens in all aspects of life, one of the most crucial being within the walls that our clients call home. A client’s space and personal belongings are sacred and meaningful, and a place where each proudly displays memories, milestones and significant achievements. Shine Home Cleaning and Organization respects and values each revered piece as we ourselves have homes and recognize the symbolism that family represents. We uphold our company and employees to the highest standards. Each relationship with a client is built upon honesty, compassion and trust. We focus on small details in all homes, no matter the size. We are a licensed and insured company that provides enduring peace of mind with the commitment to do our very best for every client, every time.