Policies and Procedures

1. Tools and Supplies – We bring all of the tools and supplies needed to clean your home! We do this for a few reasons. The first being, it’s easiest for you! You don’t have to keep track of all the products you’ll need for us to properly clean your space. Second, our team is trained on how to appropriately use the products we have tested and personally sourced on specific areas in the home. We don’t use products that are ineffective, toxic, caustic or harmful to children or pets. Finally,
we disinfect each and every product and tool before bringing it into another client’s home so there is no chance for cross contamination. We use fresh sponges and high end microfiber towels for every home, every time. Our microfiber towels are steam sterilized at the end of each work day. For more on our products, please see our e-commerce page for recommendations and links to cleaning products and tools we use (and love) for our clients! We are always happy to help when we can’t be there to clean!

2. Providing a Vacuum – Occasionally, we have clients that have very old/ineffective vacuums or, if we are providing services to move in/move out clients, we will be happy to supply a vacuum. However, we ask that you provide a vacuum so there is no chance of cross contamination. If you prefer we use our vacuum, please inform us at least 24 hours prior to service. We sanitize, disinfect and completely service our vacuum before we bring it into someone’s home. This includes washing out the filters, bagless container, hoses, cord and attachments and most especially, any areas where the vacuum touches another part of a client’s home (like the wheels and bristles).

3. Ladders – Our team is equipped with a 2 step ladder should we need to reach vaulted ceilings and light fixtures. We have 6 foot extension dusters to better service these areas. We are unable to use a client’s ladder.

4. What We Don’t Clean – With the exception of exterior entry and exit points, we do not clean anything outside of your home. We do not clean children’s toys and interiors of fireplaces. Unless furniture is on sliders, we do not move any furniture to clean.

5. Firearms – For your protection and our team’s protection, we do not clean any rooms in which a firearm is visible. They must be properly locked and stored. Please do not keep them under your mattress, pillow or in your bedside table when we service your home. They pose a danger when we are changing linens or cleaning next to the bed.

6. Insect/Pest Infestation – Insect infestation is a serious problem and prevents us from cleaning a home. If there is any sign of an infestation of ants, termites, roaches, fleas, bed bugs or other pests, we will not clean until the problem is rectified.

7. Alarm Systems/Lock Boxes/Key Access – Many of our clients have alarms
systems. You are responsible for disabling and enabling the system prior to our arrival and after our departure. If the system is activated accidentally at any time, it is the client’s responsibility to notify the alarm company and local police. Our team utilizes signature key code access, lockboxes and spare keys to enter most client’s homes. If none of these methods of entry are available, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to allow our cleaning team entry into the home. If no homeowner is present after service is complete and we are not directed to lock the home appropriately, we do not wait for the homeowner to return and the door will remain unlocked. We do our best to keep your home safe while you are away.

8. Turn Aways and Lockout Fees – If we arrive to service a scheduled cleaning and we cannot access the home for any reason, you will be charged the entire service fee plus an additional $20 lockout fee.

9. Cancellation Policy – We understand that sometimes unexpected situations pop up and we always try to be understanding. We allow a 48 hour cancellation window without any penalty. If you need to cancel your appointment within the 24 hour window your service is scheduled for, you will be charged 50% of your cleaning service fee. We are so grateful to have a significant client base and make every effort to schedule cleanings that accommodate our client’s schedule. When a last minute cancellation occurs, we are not able to book another client for that day and so, our team does not work. Please be mindful of your schedule prior to booking service.

10. Per Diem Cleaning – As needed cleaning is considered “deep cleaning” each time we service the home. Because a significant amount of time lapses, we often treat surfaces the same way we would in a deep clean. For information on what a deep cleaning entails, please visit the “Our Services” section of our webpage. Perdiem cleaning is considered any time period 25 days or more since your last cleaning service.

11. Invoicing and Payments – After each service, you will receive a customized service completion checklist. If you requested add on services they will be included in the completion checklist. You can find a list of our add on services under the drop down menu. We require 24 hour notice if you would like to add on a service. We will invoice you the same day of service and request that all invoices be paid within 24 hours, due upon receipt. We accept cash (due
immediately at time of service), Venmo, Paypal and Square. We do not accept personal checks for first time services. You may write a personal check if you are a returning client and have established a positive payment history. We are often asked about tipping. Tipping is allowed if you feel that your service team did an exceptional job and went above and beyond. Please note: Home cleaning is considered a service industry just as a restaurant or a hair salon. When a service is provided to you upfront, you are paying for the service. If payment is not received within 24 hours, we will send a one time courtesy email. A 1% penalty will be applied to the total of your service for each day it is late. The client is responsible for all applicable penalties and fees if the invoice is not paid in a reasonable amount of time. If no payment is received within one full week after completion of service, Shine Home Cleaning and Organization reserves the right to terminate any and all services provided going forward.

12. Service Reminders and Information – If you have scheduled your first service, you will receive a reminder 24 hours prior to service sent to the email you provided upon booking. This email contains all the information relevant to your first service (tidying before cleaning, where animals should be kept, information on payment methods, etc). This email will also confirm the service location and how our team will access your home. There is no need to respond if the information is correct. If changes need to be made to the address listed on file, please reach out to us immediately to avoid confusion on the day of service. Regular clients will receive service reminders via email or text from our automated system prior to each service.

13. Arrival Windows – Our operating hours are 9am to 5pm (with our last service offering at 2pm) If you are not the first service of the day, we cannot guarantee a specific time. Each home is unique and different, requiring various levels of cleaning. We are most happy to provide you with an approximate 1-2 hour time window and will notify you through text message if we are running early/late. We make every effort to accommodate time requests but please note that we service several homes in one day so a guaranteed time is unlikely. Don’t be surprised if we are early! It happens! If a client asks us to “wait” on the day of their scheduled service, we will continue to the next client scheduled for that day and the “waiting client” will be shifted to the last available service for the day. Please be courteous and respectful of our client’s schedules as well as ours.

14. Safety – With our client’s safety and our team’s safety in mind, we cannot clean any unsafe, excessively unsanitary areas with significant bacterial accumulation or damage. This includes blood, vomit, feces and urine. You will be asked to remediate any significant hazards prior to scheduling another appointment.

15. Walk Through – We highly recommend allowing our team to complete a brief walk-through prior to any cleaning. With your home in mind, this allows us to survey the layout of your home, use the proper products and tools on varying surfaces and gives us an idea of how much we have to treat and the appropriate time needed to do so. We recommend walk throughs so there are no surprises! We then ultimately can feel comfortable giving you an estimated time for your first service. Most importantly, you’re able to greet our team prior to entering your home. We love connecting with and creating personal, business relationships with our clients. We hope to create a lasting relationship with you too!

**Due to the COVID19 pandemic, we always wear face masks when completing
walk throughs and practice proper social distancing, handwashing and use of PPE. At the time of service, we typically do not see homeowners. If a client is home and is within close distance of our team, we do wear face masks for everyone’s safety**

Shine Home Cleaning and Organization reserves the right to alter, eliminate or add any new policies and procedures at any time. We will do our best to keep our clients up to date if/when changes to the policies and procedures should happen.